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We at West Coast Diving are pleased announce we now have the capability to conduct ROV inspection work with the use of our BlueROV2 inspection class ROV. Our system is fully mobile and can be deployed at short notice from our small trailer unit.

ROV Video
west Coast diving Inspection

A ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) is a safe and cost effective means of performing inspection tasks and eliminating the risk to Human life in the form of a diver, this has been displayed in the Offshore industry for several decades now and is also a very cost effective solution to your underwater visual requirements.
At West Coast diving we know the risks involved in diving and for certain tasks a ROV can be an excellent tool.
A ROV can stay in the water indefinitely to complete the task. They can work at a greater depth and range if required again having a advantage over a diver.


ROV Inspections

As our client you will receive full video recordings up to 4k colour and low light camera is also utilized in poor visibility condition to make sure you receive the best quality possible.
Digital still images are available.
Footage will be supplied on DVD or USB pen drive, full dive logs are recorded and findings report is available.
Please contact to us to discuss your requirements.

west Coast Diving ROV

The benefits of West Coast Diving’s ROV system:

• The system is fully deployable from our small but versatile Box trailer at 6ftx4ft towed behind a 4-wheel Drive vehicle we can deploy from some challenging locations.
Please contact us to discuss requirements and deployment locations.
• The ROV is environmentally safe due to no oil in the system and can be decontaminated for working in fishery’s and fish farms or water services.
• Our mobilisation time is very quick we can be on site set up and deployed within 30mins.
• Costs, we are a cost effective solution please ask for a quote you as you may be pleasantly surprised.

Remotely operated Vehicle

ROV (BlueROV2) technical specification:

Length 457 mm
Width 338 mm
Height 254 mm
Weight in Air (with Ballast) 10-11 kg
Weight in Air (without Ballast) 9-10 kg
Net Buoyancy (with Ballast) 0.2 kg
Net Buoyancy (without Ballast) 1.4 kg
Watertight Enclosure Inner Diameter 102 mm
Watertight Enclosure Inner Length 298 mm
Cable Penetrator Holes 14 x 10 mm
Construction HDPE frame, aluminum flanges/end cap & acrylic tubes
Main Tube (Electronics Enclosure) Blue Robotics 4” Series w/ aluminum end caps
Battery Tube Blue Robotics 3” Series w/ aluminum end caps
Buoyancy Foam R-3318 urethane foam rated to 210 m
Ballast Weight 6 x 200 g coated lead weights
Battery Connector XT90
Maximum Rated Depth 100 m
Maximum Tested Depth (so far) 130 m
Maximum Forward Speed 1 m/s 2 knots
Thrusters Blue Robotics T200
ESC Blue Robotics Basic 30A ESC
Thruster Configuration 6 thrusters
- 4 Vectored
- 2 Vertical
Forward Bollard Thrust 14 kgf
Vertical Bollard Thrust 9 kgf
Lateral Bollard Thrust 14 kgf

Diameter 7.6 mm
Length 25-300 m
Working Strength 45 kgf
Breaking Strength 160 kgf
Strength Member Kevlar with waterblock
Buoyancy in Freshwater Neutral
Buoyancy in Saltwater Slightly positive
Conductors 4 twisted pairs, 26 AWG

Brightness 2 or 4 x 1500 lumens each with dimming control
Light Beam Angle 135 degrees, with adjustable tilt
Camera 1080p digital
Camera Field of View 110 degrees horizontally
Tilt Range +/- 90 degree camera tilt (180 total range)
Tilt Servo Hitec HS-5055MG
• 3-DOF Gyroscope
• 3-DOF Accelerometer
• 3-DOF Magnetometer
• Internal barometer
• Blue Robotics Bar 30 Pressure/Depth & Temperature Sensor (external)
• Current and Voltage Sensing
• Leak Detection
Battery (can be changed in about 30 seconds)
Battery Life (Normal Use) 2-3 hours w/ 18Ah battery
Battery Life (Light Use) 4-6 hours w/ 18Ah battery

Some ROV applications (but not limited to):

• Dive support
• Reservoirs inspections
• Dam inspections
• Marinas inspections
• Harbours inspections
• Mooring inspection
• Fish farms
• Hull inspections
• Aquiculture - Fish Farm inspection, environmental and seabed surveys
• Corrosion and cathodic measurement

• Cable inspection
• Sample taking
• Environmental investigations
• Video Production (Underwater Photography)
• Marine Biology Surveys
• Hydrographic surveys
• Confined space support
• Propeller inspections
• Pier piles inspections
• Criminal Investigations – evidence search and recovery

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